New blog

I thought it was time to refresh the look of this site a little. The manual html was always a pita to work with and required restarting the server process due to not implementing a reload routine. This time I'm using a static site generator called Pelican, it's one of the older well known but not so well known generators. The reason for using it is due to the first class integration with m.css, a no bullshit approach to providing a good CSS framework without needing 1MB of runtime js and a pile of npm tooling just to change a few details here and there.

We gain a whole new level of automation and repeatability which is important if, like me, you only write once or twice a decade. m.css provides a number of plugins for Pelican that allows using more dynamic looking content without the usual menial work of putting it down as html and css.

All of the content is written in reStructuredText, more or less Markdown on crack.

Hopefully this will mean more frequent updates, but holding your breath would be a fatal mistake.